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Baseball/Sports Cuff Important Questions
Catalog > Baseball/Sports Cuff Important Questions

You have reached the home of the Original B-Cuff aka Sports Cuff, Softball Cuff, Football Cuff, Basketball Cuff, Tennis Cuff, Volleyball,  Necklaces and Sports cuff bags.

Home of the Original Cuff Design,aka B-Cuff By Lisa Kettell c. 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 Copyright Lisa Kettell Designs

My finished Cuffs and original project have been published in: -Better Homes and Gardens, Oct. 2012, Jewelry Up-cycled by Sherri Haab -Bead Unique Magazine, All American Crafts, Spring 2010 -NJ Herald, Sussex County, NJ -Pipeline Newz -The Patch- Stitchin Steampunk, Piddlestixs Magazine, along with various other online and printed publications. They have been shown at shows, galleries. Sold in various stores across the country and to sports fans, Lisa Kettell Designs fans, celebs, ladies within MLB, Team leagues, little league moms and various groups.

The Original, B-Original, B-Cuff and additional cuffs are currently made from the baseballs we have in stock vintage, used, up-cycled and new. Colored balls or printed balls are sometimes in stock, if not I hand dye each of them to fit the customer's specifications.

The hardware of the cuffs consist of clasps which depend on the stock from lobster clasp, toggle, magnetic or hook.

The backings of the cuffs used to be made from durable ply felt, now I am able to use a leather flat suede backing behind each baseball.

When ordering please specify what color baseball, what color stitching, pearl strand or no pearl strand, rhinestone or no rhinestone, etc.

All cuffs come with a hand stitched LK logo and come with a certificate of authenticity via email, so you know its an original.

These sports cuffs have a patent pending and a Lisa Kettell Designs Copyright/Trademark.

To sell commercial is when you make more then a few cuffs for profit, then it is no longer a craft for personal use or family.

In the past I have granted permission to make a similar cuff or two in exchange for name recognition on where the idea came from, but that never works. So understand a few concepts and ask yourself a few questions:

A. Say you are a small business or you work from home to try and make a living, you create a concept and after several years and 20 hour days that concept works, people begin to believe in the concept and begin purchasing, now you live and breath the concept and are growing it, would you want someone to take your hard thought out idea and start making a profit and your credit and promote it to others who don't know about it,  which can cause one to lose business?

the answer is NO!

I don't know any artisan in my field who would feel happy about what we call "idea snatching" aka "light borrowing". No matter what your rank as a artist, designer or crafter its never a good idea to take a direct idea and turn into your version, this community might be big, but its also small. Now that's not to say some ideas can't be re-worked into a totally new idea, that's called inspiration.

With my sports cuffs, I have turned them into a variety of styles: pins, jeweled, broken jeweled cuffs, beaded and pearled cuffs, flower themed, storybook, team spirit, doubled, mixed cuffs: 2 parts baseball, 2 parts, football, and basketball, quilted pattern, lazer, clasp, metal framed, grunge, hand dyed, all colors, victorian and steampunk style, multi-stitched, team logos, icons, you name it, they have been done. Purses, cuff necklaces, triple stitched....

I can't always be the Baseball/Sports cuff detective so all I ask is please use the Angel Policy, I get many loyal fans who reach out to me with links to mock up versions. I am legally protected with each of my sports cuff's whole schematics:
baseball, football, tennis, basketball.

Mid year these cuffs will be mass-produced by my new supplier w/ a price reduction and commercialized. Until then I continue to hand gut, cut, dye, stitch and hardware each and every cuff by hand, from 5 cuffs a day to 20, I make everyone.

Please note: All names are kept private and confidential, however all cuffs are photographed and placed on our site for customer inspiration when ordering.

I hope this will answer the many emails I get on making your own, selling them and their origins! But if I didn't cover any question you have, please feel free to contact me, I'm happy to answer!

Let's go Sports!

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